Japanese Massage to Enhance Breast Size


Japanese massage to enhance breast size is one of the many alternative ways in increasing breast size naturally. This massage is created by a Japanese woman named Takiko Shindo. Takiko Shindo has developed a series of exercise that she assured will help to enlarge the breast size.

– Breast Gymnastics

The breast massage created by Takiko Shindo is called Breast Gymnastics or “Oppai Taisou” in Japanese. This Japanese massage to enhance breast size method consist of a series of simple massages such as fat brushing, breast massage, and breast jiggling. There are several benefits that you get from doing this Breast Gymnastics. Breast Gymnastics helps increase the circulation on your breast. It also helps to shape the breast beautifully and avoid breast sagging or improving breast supports. Breast Gymnastics can also helps avoiding breast wrinkles and increasing waste removal from our bodies.

– How to Do Breast Gymnastics

Breast Gynastics consist of several breast massage methods. Here are some of those methods to get you started. First, cup your left breast with your right hand or both hands. After that, lift your breast up towards the collarbone and bouncing it up. Repeat these movements twenty to thirty times at the pace of two to three times per second. Do the same movements on you right breast cupped in your left hand or both hands. Another breast exercise from Breast Gymnastics is to cup your right breast with your right hand and your left breast with your left hand and then gently jiggle your breast in an upward motion. Repeat this Japanese massage to enhance breast size for about twenty to thirty times at two to three jiggles per second.

– Other Method in Breast Gymnastics

Aside from giving a series of exercise motions for the breast, Takiko Shindo also includes some products to boost the results you get from doing Breast Gymnastics. There are two products that are released by Takiko Shindo, Hand Massager and Night Bra. The Hand Massager is shaped according to Takiko Shindo’s hand, and it is used to do a series of massage technique including reaching round your back and moving the hand massager towards the front of your breast. The hand massager is used because it can reach the place where your hand cannot reach behind your back. The Night Bra, as the name suggest, is a specially designed bra used when you sleep at night. This bra is designed to prevent breast sagging and helps to keep the shape of your breast. That is one unique Japanese massage to enhance breast size. Check out our article about breast massage here http://www.laurashope.com/2016/02/01/massage-to-increase-breast-size/


Vitamins that Keep You Younger



Vitamins to look younger can be great method to stay young longer. Fulfilling your nutrition needs and add more vitamin which help you maintaining your body performance is simple way to stay young and maintain your health at the same time. However, which are the best vitamins which support you to stay young?

Vitamins for your skin and performance

In order to look younger, you need to consider some vitamins which support your skin health and your overall performance especially vitamin C and A. These two vitamins are magic elements to make you look glow and younger. Your body need about 280mg vitamin C in a day, in fact people consume only around 90 – 100mf of vitamin C in a day. It is not difficult to fulfill your vitamin C needs. Vitamin C can be easily found in strawberry, guava, lime, carrot, apple, citrus fruits like orange, pineapple, lime, and lemons. Some vegetables like brocoli is indeed a good vitamin C sources for you.

There are also various products of vitamin C supplement which contain about 500mg vitamin C. However, it is suggested for you to get vitamin C from natural sources, since 500mg vitamin C from any supplement will be only effectively absorb around 200 – 250mg. It means, you will have your body to process and seeress some amount vitamin C in its metabolism system which will likely affect your urination and lever system. Just get natural vitamins to look younger.

While vitamin A, especially which is from natural beta-carotene is responsible for your growth. It means that it also help your body regenerating every cell and tissue of your organs. To fulfill your vitamin A needs you nee to consume colored vegetables like carrot, tomato, and pumpkin, you can also add some spinach, Swiss chard, and cantaloupe.

Never do

If you ever heard about vitamin C injection? Yes, it will give you an extreme effect to your skin, such as get cleaner and glower. However, it is not suggested for you to get any vitamin C injection unless you are sick and hospitalized under the doctor control. Vitamin injection will be like a tsunami to your metabolism system. The vitamin injection will suddenly be absorbed by your body and directly get into you blood circulation system. It can be dangerous for the side effect to your lever and stomach. Just get natural vitamins to look younger.

Source: http://www.suplemenpemutihkulit.com/jual-gluta-panacea-original/


Massage to Increase Breast Size


Using massage to increase breast size has been practiced since a long time ago. Having fuller breast size has been the dream of many women, and since massage is one of the easiest and safest ways to increase breast size, many people are still using it.

  1. Massage Benefits

Massage in general is very good for our body. Similar to body massage, breast massage helps to smooth blood circulation around the breast. With smoother blood circulation, more estrogen will reach the breast receptors and then helps to stimulate breast growth. Doing massage to increase breast size will also stimulate prolactin secretion. Prolactin is a hormone known to help breast enlargement and is secreted whenever the breast tissue or nipples are being stimulated.

  1. How to Do Breast Massage

There are many ways that can be done in massage to increase breast size. One of the simplest ways is to do a circular motion around the breast. This circular motion will let the blood and estrogen flow into the breast and little by little enlarge it. Another method of breast massage is known as the Chi breast massage. Chi breast massage served two purposes, massage and acupressure. The massage will help improve blood and prolactin flow while the acupressure will help the flow of chi or energy round your breast. Doing chi breast massage is quite simple. Place you hands over your breast and spread your fingers out a little. Apply the slightest bit of pressure on your fingertips and move breasts in circular rotation inward. Then, move your hands down and out, away from each other then up and back inwards. Repeat these set of massage for 360 rotations once or twice each day. The best time to o breast massage is before you go to bed. Do this for two to three months and you will feel the difference.

  1. Breast Massage Oil

When you are doing breast massage it is better to use specific massage oils in order to get better results. There are many breast massage oils you can use. One of the most effective is fenugreek seeds oil. Fenugreek is known for its estrogenic properties and is used in many breast enlargement methods. To use fenugreek oil simply combine one fixings of four to five tablespoons of fenugreek oil and use it to massage your breast. Another breast massage oil that is commonly used is grape vinegar and honey. Combine grape vinegar and honey and use it in your massage to increase breast size. Check out this articles about herbs and oil to increase breast size


Natural Breast Enhancement – Herbs to Enhance Breast Size

Using herbs to enhance breast is a safer way than using products, chemicals, or hormone injection. Enhancing breast does not only mean increasing the size of your breast but also taking care and nourishing them. Using herbs to enhance your breast will surely a lot healthier than any other methods that exist. Here are some herbs that are known to have enhancing effect to our breast. For more information about breast enhancement, check out http://www.tokopembesarpayudara.com


  1. Fenugreek

Fenugreek has many medicinal properties; one of them is increasing breast size. Fenugreek contains a compound known as diosgenin, a phytoestrogen that is responsible for breast growth when a young girl hits puberty. Since estrogen will cease its function of growing breast by the age of eighteen or nineteen, consuming fenugreek will re-activate this quality. The phytoestrogen inside fenugreek will mimic estrogen and will help you increase your breast size. In order to increase you breast size you need to consume fenugreek seeds or sprouts, though the sprouts are the most effective. Consuming fenugreek supplements will work too as herbs to enhance breast.

  1. Fennel

Fennel is the second herbs that have estrogenic compounds after fenugreek, it also one of the many herbs to enhance breast size. Like fenugreek, fennel is not only used to increase breast size but also increasing breast milk production in nursing mothers. It can also help regulating menstrual cycle. Fennels seeds are also used in many breast enlargement pills and creams as one of its ingredients. To use fennel to increase your breast size you can consume fennel tea regularly. Fennel tea is prepared from crushed or ground fennel seeds. You can add honey to fennel tea in order to improve the taste.

For more information about fennel seed learn more at wikipedia

  1. Wild Yam

Even though wild yam has less estrogenic compounds, it still recommended as a breast enhance herbs. Aside from its properties of enhancing breast, wild yams have many other medicinal properties such as getting rid of spasms and muscle tension, reduce inflammation, and easing menopause symptoms like hot flashes. Wild yam is also found inside many breast enhancer creams and lotions. Wild yam can also be found in capsule and powder form, and can be diluted in a cup of tea to be consumed. However, you should not consume wild yams in a large dose because it can cause nausea and can enhance panic attacks and anxiety for people who are dealing with depression. However, wild yam can still be counted as one of the many herbs to enhance breast size.


Simple Ways to Increase Breast Size Naturally


In order to boost their confidence many women are looking for ways to increase breast size naturally since increasing breast size naturally is way safer than getting a breast implant. While it might take sometimes for natural breast enlargement method to take effect, it is cheaper and will not cause any complications to person doing those methods. Here are some simple ways to increase your breast size naturally.

  1. The Right Diet to Increase Hormone

Believe it or not, improving your diet will help you increase you breast size. There are some foods that you need to take specifically in order to increase your breast size. Eat lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to reduce the production of testosterone in your body. Consume foods that will increase your estrogen hormone such as soybeans, kidney beans, and peas. You also need to consume some herbs daily such as fenugreek and wild yam. These two herbs are known to help increasing breast size by stimulating tissue growth. Other remedies such as dates milkshake, banana and almond milkshake, and fruits salad and sesame walnuts will also help your effort to increase breast size naturally.

  1. Breast Size Increasing Exercise

Doing exercise to increase breast size naturally will need resolution and effort. There are some exercises you can do to increase you breast size. The most common exercise is doing pushups and chest press in order to strengthen your pectorals and chest muscles and giving your breast a strong push. Lie on your stomach, place your palms on shoulder level, and straighten your legs or rest on your knees on the floor with your back straight. Push your body up, hold the position and count to three before you lower your body back to initial position. Do this exercise two or three sets with five repetitions everyday will help increase your breast size.

  1. Breast Massage

Breast massage will help you increase your breast size because it helps improve blood circulation and lymphatic circulation on your breast. Breast massage also helps sagging ad enhances the shape of your breasts. Massage your breast in circular motion around the nipples. Avoid touching your nipples during the massage since it will increase the size of your nipples. Do breast massage everyday for about fifteen to twenty minutes. In order to have better results you can use massage oil such as grape seeds oil, almond oil, and soybean oils. These natural oils are known to be used to increase breast size naturally.